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KC Accounting is ambitious, client-centric, with a strong focus on results. Our advice is concrete. Our service is hands-on.


Our employees are fully committed and passionate about achieving excellent results for you. Whether you are looking for a bookkeeper, controller, accountant, tax specialist or business consultant, you will find him or her at KC Accounting. Through our sister company KC Legal, a team of tax and legal experts is at your disposal. The combination of accountancy and fiscal/legal services within a single organization improves your ability to act and speed of action.

Memberships & Associations

KC Accounting is a proud member of the Royal Netherlands Institute of Chartered Accountants, the NBA (www.nba.nl). The NBA is governed by public law, appointed by the government to represent the general interests of the AA and RA profession and bound by law to ensure that the profession is practiced properly.

Every accountant is by law bound by the following fundamental behavioural standards: integrity, objectivity, professional competence and due care, confidentiality and professional behaviour. The NBA assists accountants in fulfilling their crucial role in society, both in the present and future.


Together with our affiliate company KC Legal, we have been selected as contributor for the Dutch taxation and accounting chapter of the Lexis Nexis publication International Corporate Procedures.


As part of the KC Legal group, the top tier services and hand-on approach have been recognized by the market, not only receiving recommendations from peer firms but also by our most valued clients. This has led us to receive numerous awards from various reputable expert jury organizations.

* Our values

Our clear set of values serves as a compass and guide for the way we approach our work and clients. Through responsibility, responsiveness, pragmatism and professionalism we have built a culture that supports a sound and trustworthy business practice.


As a firm, KC Accounting provides sustainable solutions that values corporate responsibility.


In a global business environment, we aim for an immediate response, within the needs of our clients.


KC Accounting seeks to guide our clients to a workable solution that best fit their business and risk profile.


KC Accounting provides top-tier services to clients who value excellence.

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Responsible. Responsive. Pragmatic. Professional. That is KC Accounting, the go-to international boutique accounting firm in the Netherlands.