Unlock your business potential: start a company in the Netherlands with KC Accounting.

Are you considering the exciting prospect of doing business in the Netherlands? Setting up a Dutch business can be a transformative journey, and KC Accounting is your trusted partner to make this process seamless and successful. If you’re starting a company in the Netherlands, we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

What does KC Accounting offer when doing business in the Netherlands?

  • Guidance for starting your business;
  • Bookkeeping;
  • Value added tax (VAT);
  • Reporting;
  • Corporate income tax (CIT).

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Rutger Koelewijn

Business Advisor & Accountant (MSc RA CIA)

Why choose KC Accounting as your expert when you are doing business in the Netherlands?

Expertise – how to start a business in the Netherlands? Doing business in the Netherlands requires a deep understanding of local regulations, taxation, and corporate structures. Our team boasts extensive knowledge and experience in the Dutch business landscape, ensuring that your venture starts on the right foot.

Local Knowledge, Global Reach – the Netherlands is a strategic hub for international business, and our expertise extends beyond local borders. We can help you navigate the international aspects of your Dutch business.

Long-term partnership – our commitment to your success doesn’t end with incorporation. We view our relationship as a long-term partnership, offering ongoing support and financial services to help your Dutch business thrive.

How does KC Accounting help you with setting up a holding company in the Netherlands?

Guidance structure – we provide a comprehensive guidance on how to start a business in the Netherlands. From selecting the appropriate legal structure to fulfilling registration requirements, we simplify the process, so you can focus on building your business.

Streamlined registration – registering a company in the Netherlands involves several steps, including legal documentation, tax registration, and compliance with local regulations. KC Accounting streamlines this process, ensuring that your business is registered efficiently.

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    A company is small under Dutch GAAP when the turnover is below EUR 12 million, the balance sheet total is below EUR 12 million, and the number of staff is under 50 employees.

    With the basics set, lets continue to specific services.

    'MT940' (MT = Message Type) is the SWIFT standard (Banking Communication Standard) for the electronic transmission of account statement data. In various Online Banking programs, MT940 is used as an interface to other programs (e.g. for accounting), with which the account statement data are processed further.

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    KC Accounting is ambitious, client-centric, with a strong focus on results. Our advice is specific. Our service is hands-on.
    KC Accounting, KC Audit and KC Legal work together to service Dutch companies from Foreign investors and Corporates with respect to all accounting, audit, tax advisory and tax compliance needs.
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