and specialist in five sectors.

KC Accounting works for clients in many industries. We are generalists, but we are also specialists in five sectors.
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Financial Market

Traditionally the Netherlands has been a prime location for structured finance transactions for internationally operating financial and non-financial institutions. KC Accounting is well experienced in advising on Dutch financial and accounting issues related to structured finance transactions including securitizations, asset backed financing, distressed debt products and group financing transactions. KC Accounting advises various internationally operating banks in this field.
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Private Equity

The current private equity market is an environment where private equity firms face great competition demanding a solid performance in an ever transparent fluctuating global market. KC Accounting can provide the right deal team fit to help navigate through increased regulatory obligations and financial reporting.
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Energy & Utilities

Globalisation pushes the demand energy supply creating a market that not only requires traditional sources of energy but also creates opportunities for alternative fuels and innovative solutions. With decades of experience in the market, KC Accounting has proven a resourceful and trustworthy partner.
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Technology & Life Sciences

The technology and life science market is an ever fluid industry where opportunities thrive under the unprecedented drive of innovators and entrepreneurs. With the right strategy and vision, KC Accounting guides innovative start-ups and industry giants to a competitive and sustainable business model.
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Real Estate

Today’s real estate investment and development companies must continuously adapt to the challenges of expanding globally and achieving sustainable longterm growth. KC Accounting offers tailor-fit solutions that addresses the financial risk, regulatory and tax risks related to the investments.

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