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Are you starting a business in the Netherlands and in need for an expert in VAT services? KC Accounting is your trusted partner, offering expertise in VAT tax in the Netherlands. We will help you simplify the complexities of taxation while optimizing your financial outcomes, in line with the VAT regulations in the Netherlands.

What does KC Accounting offer to make sure you meet the regulations of VAT in the Netherlands?

  • Seamless Vat Registration;
  • Correct and complete bookkeeping of all transactions in accordance with Dutch and EU regulations;
  • Based upon the bookkeeping we prepare seamlessly the quarterly VAT Returns;
  • Review of quarterly VAT Returns by International Tax Advisors / VAT Specialists from KC Legal;
  • Upon positive outcome of mentioned review and approval from the client, we digitally submit the quarterly VAT Returns with the Dutch Tax Inspector.

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Rutger Koelewijn

Business Advisor & Accountant (MSc RA CIA)

Why choose KC Accounting as your expert in taxes in the Netherlands?

Expertise – Understanding the nuances of tax and VAT registration in the Netherlands can be a challenge. Our experts have an in-depth grasp of the local tax landscape, guaranteeing seamless VAT registration and strategic compliance.

Collaborative partnership – choosing KC Accounting means choosing a collaborative partnership. We’re not just VAT service providers; we’re dedicated partners in your financial success.

How does KC Accounting help you with your tax and vat registration?

Pragmatic – VAT rate in the Netherlands is a critical factor that affects your financial planning. KC Accounting excels in comprehending the intricacies of Tax rates in the Netherlands, helping you optimize your VAT strategy within the legal framework to potentially reduce your tax liabilities.

Time saving – VAT registration is a pivotal step for your business’s taxation journey. KC Accounting streamlines this process, ensuring that your VAT registration in the Netherlands is conducted smoothly, saving you time and resources.

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    A company is small under Dutch GAAP when the turnover is below EUR 12 million, the balance sheet total is below EUR 12 million, and the number of staff is under 50 employees.

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    'MT940' (MT = Message Type) is the SWIFT standard (Banking Communication Standard) for the electronic transmission of account statement data. In various Online Banking programs, MT940 is used as an interface to other programs (e.g. for accounting), with which the account statement data are processed further.

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    KC Accounting is ambitious, client-centric, with a strong focus on results. Our advice is specific. Our service is hands-on.
    KC Accounting, KC Audit and KC Legal work together to service Dutch companies from Foreign investors and Corporates with respect to all accounting, audit, tax advisory and tax compliance needs.
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